Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lorenzo Non-stop cricket

On wednesday room 11 and 12 were going to the field to play non-shop cricket. We were having fun playing non-stop cricket. I caught the balls in my hands. Then it was time to switch sides.

I had a power hit to the ball so hard it went far but no one got the ball but Kurtas find the ball he pass it to Tata and to Ash.Ash pull the ball on the thing.I got 89 point and my friends got 86 and 88 we win the game buy 293 room 11 got 199 and room 12 win the game because it was Me and Willam and Jay Lim.

Lorenzo Writing Sample Term 4 2015

On Wednesday we had flaks in the morning with room 11 and 12 we had so fun doing flaks.

Room 12 was doing hoping we came 2th 2 time and then we coming 1st  2 time.I feed i called fly.

We had to long up and go to the next spore alienware we had to do the hairdos.My team came 1st 3 time William team came 1st at the last round then we went to the next game that was the last game we had to jerking the gun bore me and we and William 1st all the times.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lorenzo holiday writing

BIKERADARImage result for bikeradar kids

On saturday i went for a bikeradar with my little baby brothers and my two cool brothers and my mum to and we got to go to the playground.Image result for playgroundImage result for playground
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I saw my friend going to the pack and i said to my friend sup and he said sup to and we  Were going.I said to my friend goodbye because we were going to the shop to get l ice cream and my ice cream was yummy.

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On sunday we went in a car to megazone we did megazone up top in the big room we were call yoller term we had to kill blue and green and my mum and my baby brother  was wacht  we came 1st in megazone my brother zack came 1st for trem yoller and my dad came 2st and i came 3th and my brother little came 4th.

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Image result for rockclimbing

Image result for mcdonald's foodImage result for rockclimbing We went to rockclimbing i went to the top and i jump down from the top and i play with my baby brother on the playground we had fun play on the playground and we went to the big Bouncy castle and slide down 7 times it was fun and we went to mcdonalds for l lunch.Image result for mcdonald's food

Lorenzo Learning Dinosaur Names