Friday, 16 June 2017

Lorenzo Can He Save Her?

One warm summer day there was a villain called Flash who was thinking about robbing the bank.  Flash was always very fast so that meant he was never caught. If you wanted to catch Flash you had speed boost. One day Spiderman tried to stop Flash but he was too fast. Spiderman shot spider webs at him. Flash’s speed boost was dead so he had to run fast away from Spiderman. Spiderman shot a lot of  webs at flash and then spider man saw his girlfriend falling down off a building. Spiderman had to make a decision. Save his girlfriend or finally catch Flash. Spiderman went fast on his webs and decided to save his girlfriend. Spiderman got there just in time to save the day. Spiderman was happy he saved his girlfriend but sad he missed catching Flash. Luckily Spiderman’s best friend Green Lantern was working down the road and saw Spiderman’s problem. Green Lantern decided to help Spiderman catch Flash.  Green lantern flew over the city and saw Flash running away Green Lantern used his lantern to catch Flash. Green Lantern made a jail cell for Flash so he wouldn’t be able to run away again. Spiderman and Green Lantern saved the day Spiderman’s girlfriend have him a kiss.