Friday, 24 July 2015

Lorenzo Immersion assembly

 On monday the whole school  had to came to a immersion assembly

and i got a free ball for mr bird for 11$ i was 42 and i play with it.

During the assembly team 1 went to the shop and got food and  twere big chocolate at as for free and ate it.

Team 2 is learning about ice cream and we have to answer the question and get it right to get a free ice cream and eat it  before it melts like lava down your ice cream.

Term 3 came out of no where and song ‘Ymca’ they were a builder, policeman, soldier, cowgirl and firefighter i like the song and the comgirl and police was funen.

Trem 5 was actors were mr burt and Mr wise man and a baby and 3 woman was a shop keeps and mr wise man were a jack it but it was for 40$ and he haves 40$ and he said tack bake your thing and twere it at then they ran a away and the end.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lorenzo term 2 writing sample

Class 12 and 11 walk to the bouncing castle and we get up onto the bouncing castle and camp up to the top of  the bouncing  castle then i jumped off the top and my best friends jump up in to the sey.
We get to have two time to jump off the bouncing castle and land went into the sey and a pool.Then we go back to class.

Lorenzo Matariki

                         What Is Matariki?

On matariki day it is an important event for nz and for  matariki and.Important for a maori new year we Celebrate matariki with the 7 sisters.The moon is a new moon for matariki

One Story of the Origins of Matariki

is the God of the wind he threw his eyes up and Rangui the god of the sky.And the father saw Tawhirimatea threw his eyes up and there are the.7 sisters papatuanuku is the earth mother
She was looking and tawhirimatea was mad.And looked at ranginui the sky father he was mad at Ranginui

How To See Matariki

.On a afternoon late june there will be a sun.Rising down at the northeast horizon on Half an hour before dawn

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations

.On the end of the harvest the fish migration and preparation for year Ahead matariki is a time for remembraOriginal (1492 × 1111)