Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lorenzo Goldilocks and the Three Bears - My Spin


Once upon a time there were three little bears they love to eat Then mama bear makes food but it was hot then they went to for a walk outside then they went to get some things to have with the food then Goldilocks look for some thing then she see the house and goes to the house.

Then she went to kick the door and the door fail down and then she saw the food and went to the food and ate it she try the 1st  one then Goldilocks said that too hot and the she had try the 2nd one and then she said the too cool and then try the little one she said that soooo good so she eat all.

Then 1st one she said it so high and the she went to 2nd one and said to high then she went to baby chair and said this is the best chair and she had broken the chair she said love that chair.

The ran and kick the door and fall down and she went to the 1st and said this one is comfortable she went to the mama bear bed and then she said this bed is too soft and then she went to baby bear bed and she said that this bed is sooo comfortable and nice and then the 3 little bear came back and said someone is ate my food and mama said someone have ate my one and baby bear said someone ate all of my one and cry on the floor.

Then they went to the chair and dada said someone have being sitting on my chair and mama said someone have being my chair and then baby bear said someone broken my one said baby.

Then they went to the bedroom the door have been broken someone was sleeping on my bed and then mama bear said someone have being sitting on my bed and then baby bear said someone is sleeping in my bed.

Goldilocks wake up see the bears and ran outside and she went all the way home. THE END

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Lorenzo Immersion Assembly - Now that's thininkg!

Hi today we are going to leam about phone that has changed over the years.

Now that thinking. How technology has changed at pt england school like they put WI-FI.

How technology is use in new zealand has being changed over the past years.

How boats has changed from the past and phones and car like houses and light bolts has changed in the pasts.
I think that  the shoes should changed.

I want to look some stuff and learn new staff.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.22.55 PM.png