Monday, 7 December 2015

Lorenzo T-rex Note Taking

Tyrannosaurus Rex

File:Tyrannosaurus rex Skizze

Era: ctacooks
Size : 40 feet long and it tos 6 and 20 feet tall    4 feet long
Other features: t-rex  it lives  200 years ago.
T-rex can eat big thing like giganotosaurus and  spinosaurus.  The  t-rex can eat dinosaurs 1 bit.
The t-rex  feets are like birds.
T-rex put it tall in the seys.
It was 4 feet long it can dinosaurs bone and it had 60 teeth like a banana.It had serrated teeth.
T-rex don't use it hrad that mat
It been find in montana and texas like utah wyoming candan.
The tyrannosaurus rex  was the king.
The tyrannosaurus rex  look afreed his baby.
The t-rex put it hernd up to sell dinosaurs.

The tyrannosaurus rex has to look after the baby it can only look after the for a little wild it go to look for food for little baby t-rex so it can eat it in danger in height  grounds it came to eat baby t-rex the tyrannosaurus rex come back to give the baby food the t-rex small ctenochasma dinosaur eat the baby up.

A  t-rex can small  outer dinosaur  for food it have to eat lot of food .

The tyrannosaurus rex have small dinosaur for 30cm  a like a shark

Lorenzo Figthersurus

There was a boy called fightersurus he was handsome it real name was call Lorenzo.

The fightersurus got it name from it mum because they always fight other dinosaurs to defend and it was a omnivore so it eats plants it also like meat to survive it always like going to the forest because they go to eat the dinosaurs all of the other dinosaurs that lived in the forest.

It has a skinny face and on its back are bristles.
It has fire coming from it mouth.
The tail is watery so the t-rex cant bite its tail.  the tail is  watery so the dinosaurs can slip off.

My dinosaurs is 35 metres long.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Lorenzo Stegosaurus facts

Stegosaurus facts.

It lived in jurassic period it lived 145 millions year ago.

A stegosaurus is a herbivore it like to eat plant.

The stegosaurus plates have blood in it go color to color if it go to red it is hot and hot it go to a shower and his plates are cold the stegosaurus good to go.

The stegosaurus is 9 feet tall and 29 to 30 feet long it pounds 6.800.

The stegosaurus uses it plates to hides away for t-rex and allosaurus the like to eat yum meat.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lorenzo Non-stop cricket

On wednesday room 11 and 12 were going to the field to play non-shop cricket. We were having fun playing non-stop cricket. I caught the balls in my hands. Then it was time to switch sides.

I had a power hit to the ball so hard it went far but no one got the ball but Kurtas find the ball he pass it to Tata and to Ash.Ash pull the ball on the thing.I got 89 point and my friends got 86 and 88 we win the game buy 293 room 11 got 199 and room 12 win the game because it was Me and Willam and Jay Lim.

Lorenzo Writing Sample Term 4 2015

On Wednesday we had flaks in the morning with room 11 and 12 we had so fun doing flaks.

Room 12 was doing hoping we came 2th 2 time and then we coming 1st  2 time.I feed i called fly.

We had to long up and go to the next spore alienware we had to do the hairdos.My team came 1st 3 time William team came 1st at the last round then we went to the next game that was the last game we had to jerking the gun bore me and we and William 1st all the times.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lorenzo holiday writing

BIKERADARImage result for bikeradar kids

On saturday i went for a bikeradar with my little baby brothers and my two cool brothers and my mum to and we got to go to the playground.Image result for playgroundImage result for playground
Image result for ice cream word
I saw my friend going to the pack and i said to my friend sup and he said sup to and we  Were going.I said to my friend goodbye because we were going to the shop to get l ice cream and my ice cream was yummy.

Image result for ice cream
On sunday we went in a car to megazone we did megazone up top in the big room we were call yoller term we had to kill blue and green and my mum and my baby brother  was wacht  we came 1st in megazone my brother zack came 1st for trem yoller and my dad came 2st and i came 3th and my brother little came 4th.

Image result for rock climbing word

Image result for rockclimbing

Image result for mcdonald's foodImage result for rockclimbing We went to rockclimbing i went to the top and i jump down from the top and i play with my baby brother on the playground we had fun play on the playground and we went to the big Bouncy castle and slide down 7 times it was fun and we went to mcdonalds for l lunch.Image result for mcdonald's food

Lorenzo Learning Dinosaur Names

Monday, 21 September 2015

Lorenzo A Kiwisport Coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)

They teach little kid who to play basketball.


A kiwisport coach  is a person who visits other school to teach class.


Running shoes. basketball. black clothes.

They have to be brave and strong.


A Coach

Lorenzo fireman david

On Friday class 12 and 11 went to see a fireman with fire pot jak  and he tell to as how to become a firefight and the fireman said his name to all of as and he tell  as a sekrit but he said no tell mum all dad it just for you.

How to become a firefight.

Firefight have to challenge people and brave
He talked to us  he showed as how he find his way out of the rat maze. He got out and he was very hot in the rat maze.
Image result for how to become a fireman
Rat maze for firefighter

The rat maze is for firefight to go all round the big build of people inside the little house’s so they are safe in the big build.The rat maze are for place’s for the big build
Image result for how to become a fireman
 Image result for rat maze for firefighter

Lorenzo vocanologist



They are people they


Volcanologist tcet volcano because they see if it’s good or bad but they go in conc to see it good or not good.


They wear breathing apparatus mask and funny sups and helms to make they helms stone and they have gloves that is protect gloves.

Become a volcanologist have to work all days in a laboratory  


Volcanologist need tools and a little helicopter to see if the good all bad if it was  bad you have run away for the lava because it is too hot it can burn your hand 2s.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross country race

Last Monday we had cross country at school. We had to watch the little kids run. My little brother ran too.

We had cross country at school with slimy mud on the field. When it was Year 4's turn we had to listen to the clapper. We ran around the field and to the gate. I got some mud splattered on my clothes and splattered on my friends too.

We ran to the teachers and my mum and nana were watching me run to the finish line. I  came 8th in the race. At the end my mum gave me a bottle of water to drink  so I could cool down.  We had to watch my big brother run around a really long course. The big kids had to run 2 times around long course.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Emily Wonderful Pie

File:Strawberry-blueberry pie,
Emily Wonderful Pie
After you have read the story, you are going to write a retell of what happened, so we are summarizing in the correct order what happened.

Squishy squash and mincey to munch

Flakey bakey crispy to crunchy.

The pie was hy squash and mincey to munch

Emily was about to eat her wonderful pie that is make flakey bakey crispy to crunch on.

Some people came to eat emily pie but she said a little bite said emily and they talk  a big bite and ate the Squishy squash flakey bakey crispy to crunchy.

This big teacher came and said can i have a bite said the teacher and emily said just a little bite she the teacher ate a big bite and emily have a little bite of pie.

She look around and she saw a boy with a sugar and she said can i have a little bite.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Lorenzo-future job


I like to hunt bad things in the Jungle.

I kill them if they approach at me in the wild.

If i see people that they are running for wild things in the Jungle.

I like to save people in the jungle so they not dead.

I go in my house and i go up to the top of my house and i look for people.

I set my guns outside so people can take it to help people and they have to be strong and they have to fight wild thing.