Monday, 29 February 2016

Lorenzo Narrative Writing - Crocodile Attack doc

Max was so very hungry in morning he went to go fishing he get his fishing rod and he went to get some fish in the leak he got one and then a crocodile ate the fish and attacks the boat.

The crocodile make a hole in the boat he try to block the water from come in the boat the water was race in the boat.

Max block the hole and he shoot the flare and he hole the crocodile off and the rescued helicopter came to rescued him.He shoot the flare again they went down to get him they shoot a sleep gun.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Lorenzo Narrative writing and planning

Once upon a time they was Astronaut that was baeve. His name was Astronaut Ben everyone loved Astronaut Ben he said thank you all.One day Astronaut Ben have a mission to do outer space Ben was srceey that he wood not come back to new Zealand

Astronaut Ben was on the moon he had to look for the Super tip. The Super tip was lost 25 years ago. He went to look around and up down he cannot find Super tip.

Astronaut Ben saw a alien ship oaf alien Awathan  came out of the ship alien Awathan said do you need help has you saw a super tip ship yes it at mars but hell am i going dear come in my alien ship  and they land on mars and they find it.It was fast and full gas they came back with the super tip ship.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Lorenzo All About Volcanoes

Lorenzo All about me.

Fakalofa lahi atu my name is Lorenzo am a year 5 student. My teachers are Mr Goodwin and Mr Baxendine. My favourite things to do is to play outside with friends and going to the beach. I like to play soccer, rugby and basketball. Thank you for reading my blog.