Monday, 6 February 2017

Waikowhai Park

Image result for mcdonaldsImage result for warehouse stationeryImage result for mcdonalds waffles coneImage result for waikowhai park aucklandOn Monday we went to Waikowhai Park.we went up the steps or ladder and went down the super long slide I went back up. I took a break and had some waffles. We went again. Down the slide and we had heaps of fun going down the slide. Next we went to McDonalds to get  frozen blue lemonade. We went inside and order for 3  frozen blue lemonade and 2 Mega Choc Waffle Cone. seated on a chair. We had all staff we went to Harvey Normans look for a touch screen computer and were going buy it was too much money to buy. So we went to Warehouse Stationery we went there and buy a book for me and ink for the printer.Image result for mcdonalds frozen blue lemonade

Saturday, 4 February 2017

My Mum took to the blues

On Saturday my mum took us to the blues event at Alexandra Park. We got to meet Jerome Kaino he’s one of my mums favourite players. We played some games and got free goodies, we also saw some of our friends there. We did some tackling, ball skills and we played a tag game together and my little brother  won speakers. My favourite part was playing in the inflatable zorb ball with my little brother ben, we bumped people over i had so much fun and make our own milo milkshake at the milo tent and we got a free blues water bottle.