Monday, 7 December 2015

Lorenzo T-rex Note Taking

Tyrannosaurus Rex

File:Tyrannosaurus rex Skizze

Era: ctacooks
Size : 40 feet long and it tos 6 and 20 feet tall    4 feet long
Other features: t-rex  it lives  200 years ago.
T-rex can eat big thing like giganotosaurus and  spinosaurus.  The  t-rex can eat dinosaurs 1 bit.
The t-rex  feets are like birds.
T-rex put it tall in the seys.
It was 4 feet long it can dinosaurs bone and it had 60 teeth like a banana.It had serrated teeth.
T-rex don't use it hrad that mat
It been find in montana and texas like utah wyoming candan.
The tyrannosaurus rex  was the king.
The tyrannosaurus rex  look afreed his baby.
The t-rex put it hernd up to sell dinosaurs.

The tyrannosaurus rex has to look after the baby it can only look after the for a little wild it go to look for food for little baby t-rex so it can eat it in danger in height  grounds it came to eat baby t-rex the tyrannosaurus rex come back to give the baby food the t-rex small ctenochasma dinosaur eat the baby up.

A  t-rex can small  outer dinosaur  for food it have to eat lot of food .

The tyrannosaurus rex have small dinosaur for 30cm  a like a shark

Lorenzo Figthersurus

There was a boy called fightersurus he was handsome it real name was call Lorenzo.

The fightersurus got it name from it mum because they always fight other dinosaurs to defend and it was a omnivore so it eats plants it also like meat to survive it always like going to the forest because they go to eat the dinosaurs all of the other dinosaurs that lived in the forest.

It has a skinny face and on its back are bristles.
It has fire coming from it mouth.
The tail is watery so the t-rex cant bite its tail.  the tail is  watery so the dinosaurs can slip off.

My dinosaurs is 35 metres long.