Thursday, 28 July 2016

Lorenzo The Summer Olympic Games


1. How often are the summer Olympic Games held?
  • The summer Olympic Games are held every four years

2. In which three years did World Wars cause the cancellation of the Olympic Games?
  • 1916, 1940 and 1944 games were the three years did World Wars cause the cancellation of the Olympic Games

3. What does IOC stand for?
  • International Olympic Committee

4. What does the winner of each event receive?
  • The winner of each event receive  Olympic Gold medal

5. Who founded the IOC in 1894?
  • Baron pierre de Coubertin founded the IOC

6. In which country were the rst Olympic Games (the ancient Olympics) held?
  • The first olympic game were held in olympic greece

7. Approximately how many competitors will compete at the Rio Olympic Games?
  • More than 10,000 athletes from 207 nations will compete in over 300 events during the Rio Olympic Games

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

We are the CHAMPIONS

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: write a recount.

Sadly the holidays were over.Hi my name is lorenzo and we are Learning about hell to be a champions.we had to all goto the Immersion assembly On monday.

The theme is our term is we are the champions!!!!!!!! And i find out why we are the champions.

Today we are learn about olympics and we are looking at some drugs and virus at Rio and some of the olympics people don’t go because the drugs and virus.

I am looking forward for running

Monday, 18 July 2016

To the moives

Today it was Sunday but it was a funny day.It was sunny then it turn raining we had to go back inside the house. After it stop we went to the movies to watch ghost busters but my mum is buy us an ice cream choc top then i ate my ice cream choc top but i was slower went to sleep but i still want to watch the movie.The movie was so cool then we went to McDonald's and i had a big mac and it was yummy and then a women give us a rugby card and then we went back home.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lorenzo holiday writing

BIKERADARImage result for bikeradar kids

On saturday i went for a bikeradar with my little baby brothers and my two cool brothers and my mum to and we got to go to the playground.Image result for playgroundImage result for playground
Image result for ice cream word
I saw my friend going to the pack and i said to my friend sup and he said sup to and we  Were going.I said to my friend goodbye because we were going to the shop to get l ice cream and my ice cream was yummy.

Image result for ice cream
On sunday we went in a car to megazone we did megazone up top in the big room we were call yoller term we had to kill blue and green and my mum and my baby brother  was wacht  we came 1st in megazone my brother zack came 1st for trem yoller and my dad came 2st and i came 3th and my brother little came 4th.

Image result for rock climbing word

Image result for rockclimbing

Image result for mcdonald's foodImage result for rockclimbing We went to rockclimbing i went to the top and i jump down from the top and i play with my baby brother on the playground we had fun play on the playground and we went to the big Bouncy castle and slide down 7 times it was fun and we went to mcdonalds for l lunch.Image result for mcdonald's food

Rugby league

Today i had to play in the 11 open and we had to vs Marisa green and they got a try in 20s and after that we got a try and they had to kick it to us and got another try and i got a try we won from 8 try to 2 try.After the game we got home and had a shower and after the shower i got into my dog onesie and my mum got me a hot chocolate and after that we got to ps4 and we play fifa14. I played with my little brother Ben. He all ways cry where i win and for lunch we had pies after we played fifa14 we cleaned the house.

Our poppy came to watch us

Today it was Monday and my mum had to go to work and our poppy came to watch us and my little baby brother went to my nana house.At my house we had to make the bed and cleaned up the hole house and we got to ps4 we played fifa 14 and play ultimate team.We got a golden pack and we played to other people and we beat them and we got a lot of money and winner all our game and at 3 a clock we had to get off the ps4 and play fun game outside and kick some balls around.

Friday, 8 July 2016

My last day at school

This is the last day of school we got to play games or coding,I got to play in a rugby league team and rugby union team,We had a fun day at school and Mr Baxendine bring some carrot and we make the carrot as owe own friend,My favorite rugby play is Shaun Johnson and Dan carter,My friends are Hopa and leone and Sione and Awathan and Kruz,

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Lorenzo Carrots

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

        WALT: write a recount.

In the class i sit down and i saw some carrot in two plat bag mr baxendine said did we see the carrot some said yes some said no and mr baxendine said we are going to feed some rabiat he said just a lie we are going to make carrot as your friend.
JPEG Image

We had to carved owe own carrot as a friend we use a butter knife to make it face with eyes and a mouth so it can be owe own friend and i gave  him a name that was call widow he i gave him a haircut and after  we had to eat my friend widow i ate him.

JPEG Image

My carrot name is call benji and his last name was call marshall and had a mohawk and had two big happy eyes and one happy mouth.
JPEG Image

My favourite past was to make the carrot as my own friend and after that we got to eat him.
JPEG Image

Friday, 1 July 2016

Lorenzo Paul Martin Visit

He was a comic artist drawing he came to pt england schoolDate 23.At he live at Hampton.Paul Martin.

He drawled us Kory the Kiwi and he show us on the whiteboard how to do side on and back on the side on was very cool draw.

My favourite part was he was doing side on and back on and it was my favourite to watch him draw a man side on.