Monday, 7 August 2017

Lorenzo Guardians of the Galaxy

Long long long ago my dad had builded a Rocket ship then the day had come me and my friends they name was Leiite, Boy and Leonardy woke up hear bang boom bang boom.

I went on tv went to look what was that big boom was on the news it look like Godzilla was having a fight with King Kong.

I tell them to get up got all of our clothes we look for the keys and I said here the keys my friends ran to me to get the keys and I said am drive.
Leonardy ,Boy and Leiite look up in sky there was smoke it was sprayed around the world Leonardy said go fast so went fast i hit 240 Leiite said slow down and said look it godzilla boy said where are we going he said i said we are going to the rocket ship my friends said what planet are we going to live on my friends said i said jupiter it a save planet and it the biggest planet in the galaxy so we got into the rocket ship i went jupiter.

It had no cats ,dogs.

We had to building a city but a dark night had come our way i we had some guns and night vision for me and my friends we got really to fire it was aliens so fire our guns like a mini gun they had laser gun they shot back at us.

It was so hard we had save the day we had kill them and i went and kick their guns away and then i went and got their laser guns and they had building the city we had a big coke fountain for free to drink and burgers raining out of the sky.

It going to be all right but if the aliens come back to come and kill us. We are going to kill them if they kill some of us again.


  1. Lorenzo I love your use of the words in the beginning like Boom and bang it creates an image for the reader about what is going on in the part! Your writing has really started to improve so much this term keep up the good work. Did you make sure that you proofread before you put it on your blog?

    1. Hi Mrs Parrant

      No i forgot to proof read it mrs