Monday, 3 July 2017

Lorenzo Kahukura's Net


Kahukura Net
by Marie Insley


  1. Who was Kahukura?
    Answer -  A chief
  2. How was Kahukura described?
    Answer -he was fair hair like the spirit people of the sea
  3. What was the dream that Kahukura had over and over?
    Answer - seashore
  4. What had Kahukura never seen before?
    Answer - net
  5. What was the net made out of?
    Answer - flex
  6. How come the spirit people left their net behind?
    Answer - because Kahura was a Terrified man
  7. Why was it good that Kahukura kept the net?
    Answer -  To catch a lot more fish than lines and hooks
  8. What does this Maori myth/legend tell us about fishing?
    Answer - fishing is good.

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