Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Karekare Beach Auckland

  1. It’s Auckland’s most spectacular beaches and there is wilderness areas.
  2. Swimming people are only to swim between the flags.
  3. In 1993 heaps of people talked about the beautiful black sand.
Karekare has some of New Zealand’s finest painters.

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  1. Kia ora Lorenzo!

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. It's awesome to see that you have joined us this holiday and done some great research on Karekare beach. Did you know that it's actually my #1 most favourite beach in all of Auckland? It has the most amazing black sand. It is also surrounded by hills that often become shrouded (covered) in cloud. It creates a really mysterious and mystical vibe.

    Have you had the chance to visit? If not, would highly recommend that you make the trip one day. It is a bit of a hike from GI but will worth the drive!

    I hope that you will continue to explore New Zealand with us over the next few weeks. There are so many amazing people, places and things to explore in the country. We're excited to share the journey with you!

    See you online again soon (we hope),

    Rachel (and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team)